A complete port of the Toggl API for Tasker

android tasker api
Gaze of the World

Visual trends in news about nations

laravel php bootstrap4 web
Time is Ticking Out

Neither of us will live forever. We may need a reminder, sometimes

c# windows android tasker

TODOs is a small extension for Unity which collects any task you in your code and displays them in Unity, to help you keep track of what you still need to do, where, and the priority each task

unity c# tools

Juggling controllers in not an optimal way to test animations in Unity. This is a utility to see them in-engine, without having to create an ad-hoc controller every. single. time.

unity c# tools
EditorPrefs Editor

A visual assistant to track EditorPrefs in Unity, and modify them without a single line of code

unity c# tools

Anima is the "thesis" for my master’s in videogame design and programming. It was developed in collaboration with two other students under the name of a bonfire of souls

unity c# animation gamedev
Disaster Theatre

A game in which you’re the director of the hot new theatre play in town, but your actors are being completely useless! Some of them learned the wrong script, and it’s your job to make them "behave"

unity animation gamedev